07. May 2024
Now we are in times of change in terms of how we must provide a better service to all buyers and sellers, it is news that the truth was already on the way, but it is the opportunity to improve the service as real estate agents, from each crisis there will always be a great opportunity to obtain the best results and thus be better every day in our field of work. New Practice Changes Underway (nar.realtor)
06. April 2019
On many occasions, people ask themselves how to achieve success? The idea of success, which has been very difficult and exploited by many writers, promising to Return readers in the infinite economic economy or eternal happiness through success, but What if it is true that it becomes infinite is the writer with his sales from books But beyond the future or the future of an infinite being, we must clarify that the success is Only a word or emotion exclaimed and written in the dictionary. To...